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Kids Tracing Tablets

Kids Tracing Tablets

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Introducing our magical Acrylic Kids Tracing Tables - the perfect tool to inspire creativity and learning in children!

Designed with little artists in mind, our acrylic tracing tables are a delightful blend of fun and education. Crafted from high-quality, durable acrylic, these tables provide a smooth and transparent surface that makes tracing and drawing a breeze. Watch as your kids' imaginations come to life, exploring new worlds, creating fantastic characters, and honing their artistic skills.

Key features:

1. Crystal Clear Clarity: The transparent acrylic surface allows children to easily trace images, letters, and numbers effortlessly. It's like magic unfolding right before their eyes!

2. Lightweight & Portable: Our tracing tables are designed to be easily moved and set up anywhere, making them perfect for art projects, playdates, or even outdoor adventures.

3. Child-Friendly Design: Rounded edges and a sturdy build ensure safety while offering a comfortable drawing experience.

4. Educational Fun: Encourage learning and fine motor skills development through tracing, drawing, and exploring different shapes and patterns.

Whether your child is a budding artist, an aspiring writer, or simply loves to doodle, our acrylic kids tracing tables will quickly become their favorite creative companion. Bring home this enchanting addition to your child's playroom or classroom and watch them embark on a journey of artistic wonder

Let your child's imagination soar with our Acrylic Kids Tracing Tables. Order yours today and watch the magic unfold!


- 3mm Cast Acrylic

- Small 5.5'x 6.5'

- Large 8' x 9.5 '

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